We believe that programming should be plan-oriented, purposeful, and player development based
Below are the U9 and above competitive program backgrounds and principles


From our time spent with one of the top development clubs in Spain and La Liga (top Spanish Soccer Association), we have adopted the FORMATION methodology to specifically delivered to our competitive U10, U11 and U12 youth soccer athletes. This area of programming places an emphasis on individual player development in regard to technique, insight, personality and speed as defined in more detail on the FORMATION PROGRAM page within individual, group and team play principles. Developmental theory proves that player’s enjoyment and experiencing success are attributes to further development. With this said, it is also proven that boys and girls within these ages develop mentally, physically and socially across a large spectrum. Therefore we place athletes in these age groups, based on ability & performance, into training and competition groupings/teams based on the annual development cycle. While the Development Program is the foundation of a competitive player’s programming, the FORMATION PROGRAM is where players start to establish themselves in the sport, preparing them for the move into the Advancement Program.

The FORMATION PROGRAM will accelerate a player and an age group, offering both many opportunities to further their game and preparation for the Advancement level demands.


The Boise Timbers/Thorns Advancement Program is the area of the overall program that challenges players to embrace honesty, adversity and opportunities based on their levels of development and play. We foster a very competitive environment within training to allow players to compete and “raise their game”. Players within these programming ages will move up the ladder and will be placed in environments based on their assessed and performed ability, potential and personality at any given time during an annual cycle. Within in the ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM there is a detailed age group curriculum that standardizes the demands and targets at these ages and prepares them for the Performance Program. Players come into the Advancement program from U12 ready to learn 11v11, advancing from U13 to U14 to U15 competing at the appropriate assigned levels of competition/play. Transitioning into and upon completion of their U15 year ready to start a three-year college advisory plan to be recruited to perform for potential college soccer opportunities.

The ADVANCEMENT PROGRAM will accelerate a player and team, offering many opportunities to advance within the game of soccer!


The Boise Timbers/Thorns PERFORMANCE PROGRAM leads the way in regard to college preparation and showcasing at the State, Regional and National levels of play. The entire focus of the PERFORMANCE PROGRAM is to prepare and showcase players to play at the high school, college and/or professional levels. The Performance environment starts in training and our dedicated staff coaches, curriculum, competition calendar and college advisory process details and holds accountable the PERFORMANCE factors required of these age groups.

The PERFORMANCE PROGRAM involves Academy, US Youth Regional/National Leagues (Boys), Elite Clubs National League (Girls), College Showcase Events and Identification Camps as vehicles to better support the goals of the players, teams and club. The resources and opportunities will provide more than enough exposure and high-level games to give the players what they need to be successful. Boise Timbers Thorns has invested in CollegeFitFinder as the college platform for our players/families to communicate and strategize on their college options.

OUR goal is to graduate every Timber & Thorn first to college on their academic merit, and then to potentially secure a college that they can continue to play the game at the college level.

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