Club Sponsorships General Information



Want to make a difference in a young person’s life? Become a Recreational Coach. Our Club provides Professional Coaching Gear to both our Male and Female Recreational Coaches. Worn by nearly 110+ coaches during all practices throughout the valley and at games at our BTT Complex. The gear is seen locally thousands of times during our two-year cycle. With opportunities to fit every budget, coaching gear space is limited but flexible with a near certain brand awareness value return.

BACK OF MEN’S & WOMEN’S RECREATIONAL T-SHIRTS– This is an exclusive, single ad space for both the Men’s and Women’s Recreational Coaching Gear. With the location on the back of every T-shirt, friends, family, neighbors and strangers will see your company logo thousands of times a year.

  • Coaches Gear worn in 16 Local Games during the spring and fall—1,760 Views
  • Coaches Gear worn in 16 Practice Sessions Located throughout the Treasure Valley during the spring and fall—1,760 Views


  • One Tournament Title Option: 2023 Memorial Day Classico Tournament for $5,000 (We can also offer a Co-Sponsorship for these tournaments)
  • Two Tournaments Package (Title Sponsor): 2023 Memorial Day Classico Tournament Spring Tournament or 2023 Fall Classic Tournament $20,000 —about a $7,000 to $10,000 savings depending on which two combinations you select.


  1. Your company name is featured in the title of each tournament and your brand is incorporated into our tournament logo—your company’s brand is seen by over 6,250 players and families 2. Your company brand is on the back of all tournament gear—the gear is highly visible and worn throughout the year by players and parents a. Your logo and marketing data appears on all our social media platforms
  2. Your logo is on the medals, coach swag, and banner
  3. A booth is provided to market your organization
  4. Your organization participates in the medal ceremonies
  5. The tournaments are marketed to 6+ western states. Over 185 teams from Washington, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and California attend the spring tournaments; 120+ teams from Idaho, Montana, and Washington participate in the fall tournament
  6. The consistency in having one-sponsor over a two-year period helps promote our tournaments and provides more visibility for your company



Our comprehensive educational College ID Camp and College Advisory Program (CAP) are designed for soccer players to take ownership of their future by equipping them with tools necessary to find a home at the college level. As a club, we are committed to not only player development but truly being a catalyst in helping our players fulfill their dreams of playing collegiate soccer and accessing higher education. Each year over 75+ high school athletes and 20+ college coaches attend representing colleges from Idaho, Washington, Montana, Oregon, and Utah.

Price: $10,000; 2-Year Commitment; Title Sponsor: Logo and/or Business Name on Front of College ID Camp and College Advisory Program; your banner and signage displayed at each event; potential exposure to 500+ players and families; BTT Fence Signage (2-year commitment–$1,000 value); Branding on Back of Athletes’ T-Shirts in College ID Camp; Branding on all College Swag Bags; social media Exposure

FENCE SIGNS, SIDELINE POP UP BANNERS, WING FLAGS, EQUIPMENT, WEBSITE: FENCE SIGN—2 Years–$1,000—Displayed on our chain link fencing year-round giving your business high visibility. Multiple banners are available to be purchased.

  • SIDELINE POP UP FIELD BANNERS—2 Years–$650—These banners bring your business advertising outside to our BTT Complex. This is a highly visible method of promoting your business. Perfect for on-site outdoor practice and events marketing.
  • WING FLAG—2 Years–$750—This Flag is designed to make a big impression and attract attention in seconds outdoors. With custom full color graphics to your specifications, the Wing Flag combines style and high visibility. Perfect for on-site outdoor practice and events marketing.
  • GOLF CART—4-YEAR SPONSORSHIP—PRICE: $20,000–What do golf carts have to do with soccer? Plenty. At tournaments, camps or on the everyday practice fields, golf carts are an easy to-use, environmentally friendly and efficient way to get around.
  • SOCCER BALLS—1-YEAR SPONSORSHIP—PRICE: $30,000 —Sponsoring custom soccer balls offer a great way for companies to capitalize on the popularity of soccer and represent an ideal giveaway for soccer clubs and teams. Put your business logo on all BTT soccer balls given to our 800+ competitive players.
  • WEBSITE BANNER—2-YEAR SPONSORSHIP—PRICE: $15,000–Want brand awareness? The website banner is the main imagery that takes top billing. This sponsorship space is the space to buy. This is a two-year spot for you to have your business logo visible during each visit to our website. With 1600+ players, your logo is highly visible to our club and visitors.
  • WEBSITE SIDE BANNER (10 ADS AVAILABLE)—PRICE: $2,000 Each Add–Here we feature our sponsors, fundraisers, and social media posts. A website sidebar is a unique, creative, useful component of the website design. You can purchase up to ten monthly ads for $2,000 each to showcase your business.