BTT has many opportunities for our families to work concessions’ booths for multiple venues. Many volunteers have earned enough money to pay for both club and team assessments each year. All money raised by your player goes directly into his or her club and/or team account. Listed below are the concession opportunities:

Concessions Volunteers needed for the following venues:

  • BSU Home Football games
  • BSU Home Basketball games
  • Ford Idaho Center Concerts & Events
  • Idaho Central Arena Hockey games, Concerts & Events
  • Morrison Center Event

How it works:

  • All events have a Signup Genius that is sent to your preferred email address. Once signed up, all the event details (i.e. Report time, end time, where to sign in, dress code, etc.) are on the Event Signup.
  • Once you hit submit, you are responsible for that event slot, so if you are unable to work the event, you are responsible for finding a replacement for that event slot.
  • Each family has 2 no show/cancellations (if you did not fill your cancelled slot or did not show up), once you have 2, no one is able to work for that player/family account any longer.
  • How you are paid:
  • Each event has a minimum amount you are paid or a % of sales that you are paid • There are multiple variables that determine our pay…I cannot always tell you in advance of the event what you will earn.
  • Our minimum per stand depends on the event size and the size of our stand/number of people staffed; typically, the average is approximately $25-45 per person per event, but football and concerts usually pay more. This again depends on how many people/stands we can fill. The more stands we fill the more money everyone earns.
  • If any cash tips are earned, those tips are split between the workers in that stand; credit card tips are added to the payout check and added to your per person pay. BSU does take 15% of credit card tips for Morrison Center events to pay their runners.

Event Sign Ups:

Each event has a sign in/sign out sheet; if you do not sign in or out, you will not get paid. All hours are recorded on a spreadsheet and split by hours worked.

Event Slots: Each signup has different Event Slot descriptions

  • Tips Certified: Must have Tips Certification and are almost always on a register—this allows you to all alcohol; Cost to be certified: $16.99—good for two years; many opportunities to work with this certification; click on this link: alcohol-server-seller-training/
  • Adult slots: Must be 19+ years
  • 16 years old or older – Anyone under 18 MUST have their guardian/parent sign up with them, unless prior arrangements have been made directly with Erika Wagner and approved only by Erika)
  • 14 years old–Anyone under 16 MUST have their guardian/parent sign up with them, there are no exceptions to this.

For more information contact: Erika Wagner at